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Silent Disco Hire – the best way to get your party going – in silence!
We deliver (free within 15 miles) and give full instructions on how to use the equipment – 3 transmitters and 25 pairs of headphones£125 Now just £99!
We can even supply an optional 6x3m gazebo to hold your event.

Perfect for situations where you don’t want to disturb the neighbours, but great fun in any situation. Simply provide up to 3 streams of music and let everyone choose their own jam

Everyone can even switch to a different one when they see others loving a mix. Just watch for the colours on the headphones and click to change. If you have DJ’s providing the music, watch them try to get the most people listening to them!

All the equipment is then collected and cleaned, ready for the next party

silent disco party

The website is new, but we’re part of Wicked Hire Ltd – see our sister site WickedTubs (hot tub hire)


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