Another redesign

Didn’t like the original website design, so I’ve spent the past 24 hours redesigning and overhauling the new website. Apologies, if you viewed it half way through and found some random text there!
We’re now very happy with how it looks and just need to get lots more new photos on there to show our silent disco equipment being used for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, hen nights, stag do’s etc.

It’s also super-exciting to know how the equipment will be used, what kind of music will be played. Will you have 3 completely different genres? Or will you stick with one, and see who has created the best playlist within that genre?

And that’s the beauty of it – you can have a party which keeps everyone happy. Granny may not like grime. Or maybe she does, but the kids don’t? Maybe the kids want to listen to ABBA, but the parents want Skepta?

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