Silent Disco Hire

What’s it all about?

We courier all equipment (in England) with full instructions a few days before your event. Enjoy the party, then pack everything away ready for courier collection the day after

3 transmitters and up to 50 pairs of headphones

Perfect for situations where you don’t want to disturb the neighbours, but great fun in any situation. Simply provide up to 3 streams of music and let everyone choose their own jam

Everyone can even switch to a different one when they see others loving a mix. Just watch for the colours on the headphones and click to change. If you have DJ’s providing the music, watch them try to get the most people listening to them!

PRICE £10 off
3 Transmitters
included & ….

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The equipment

sound quality

Premium Sound Quality


3 Channels of music


12 hour battery life


Aux cables included

led lights

LED lights

plug and play

Plug and play – simple setup


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